Vienna Excursion

Vienna Trip

Not fond of being guided and told where to look but love to explore new places? If so, this Vienna tour with transfer sounds just like your cup of tea!

The fabulous city of Vienna is truly a gem of European culture and history that should not be missed by anyone in the region. A comfortable one day tour of the city is the perfect excursion from Budapest, if you would like a taste from the legendary Austro-Hungarian Empire and from that famous Viennese strudel of course.

As the start of the tour your English speaking Hungarian driver will pick you up from your accommodation in Budapest. Once you have cozied up in the comfortable car seat, your journey begins to the other side of the border, through spectacular Hungarian landscapes accompanied by a brief introduction to them by your driver as you pass by.

Upon arriving to Vienna, your driver will direct you towards some of the must sees in the city if you wish. Or you can just head out with your handy city map and explore everything for yourself, free as a bird. However you plan your trip, we don’t recommend missing your drivers’ tips for the best dinning places in Vienna. Believe us; he has some amazing ones up his sleeve!

Discover the beautiful Austrian Parliament Building, the historical Stephansdom and the Opera House of Vienna to get you in the mood of the city. As you have yourself as your guide, the best idea is to talk to some locals about places off the beaten track to get a glimpse of the ‘real’ Vienna, the one that is not in every tourist guide.

While your own tour comes to a halt at the end of the day, prepare yourself for a classy and laid back extraction from the city.

The ride back to Budapest will probably be less energetic than the way there, but feel free to rest your tired legs and even to take a nap for the 3 hour road to the pearl of the Danube while holding on to that treasured loot you have collected from the Mariahilfer Straße!