Independent Sissi Tour with Horse Riding Show

Sissi Tour Hungary

This tour is made for those, who would like to learn about the history of Hungary and the famous and Hungarian horse culture.

The tour starts from your Hotel, where we pick you up with a high class vehicle. You will go north-east from Budapest, close to the capital, up to the city of Gödöllő. During the ride you can ask questions about the country, your private driver will be happy to answer.

The city of Gödöllő is a Royal city of Hungary, it is an old and beautiful town full of history and wonderful buildings. The main stops of your visit will be the great Grassalkovich Royal castle. The castle is the most famous sight in Gödöllő, it is almost 300 years old and now perfectly restored. The rooms are made into a castle museum, that looks just like it did hundreds of years ago. The other beautiful building you will see is the Basilica of Máriabesenyő, which is one of the most important pilgrimage centers of Hungary. The Basilica is dedicated to the Holy Mary, who is the patron saint of Hungarians. The inside of the church is uniquely wonderful, because of its beautiful frescoes and altar with the statue of the Virgin Mary that was made in 1759 from cedar wood. The statue is very popular among Christians and many people travel long distances every year just to see it.

After these historical and entertaining adventures your tour will continue in the direction of Domonvölgy, which is a village most famous for its traditional Hungarian horse culture. In this place you will have the chance to meet real Hungarian riders and learn about how important horses were to Hungarians during the history. You will see an amazing show about Hungarian Csikós horsemen and watch horse riding like you never saw it before. Your guide will tell you every piece of information you want to know about the horse culture of Hungary and you will be able to taste the famous Hungarian fruit brandy, the pálinka as well.

At the end of the tour you will continue back to Budapest with new memories and experiences. Your transport will take you to your Hotel, or anywhere you want in the city.