Winetasting Tour – Pécs, Villány

Pecs & Villany wine tour

If you are a true wine lover and interested in Hungarian culture as well, the Pécs and Villány tour is the best option for you.

The tour will start from your Hotel, where you will meet your private guide and high class vehicle. You can go alone or you can take your whole family with you, we guarantee an unforgettable and luxurious experience.

You will go south from Budapest all the way down to the beautiful city of Pécs in a few hours long drive, but time will fly because of the unforgettable sights you will see on the way. Your private guide will tell you everything you want to know about Hungary, the famous Hungarian wine culture and the country’s long history.

When you arrive in Pécs you will have a little time to walk after the long journey, then you will start your wonderful trip in the center of this town which is one of the European Capitals of Culture from 2010. You will learn about why this town got this great honor and you will also know why is the city one of the most important Catholic towns of the country. You will visit the famous and beautiful Basilica of Pécs, which is one of the oldest Churches in the country. It was founded in the age of Hungary’s first king, St. Stephen. The historically also important and unforgettable University of Pécs, the first university of the country, will be another important stop of the trip, you can view this great and really old building while your guide tells you every piece of information about it. The Necropolis of Sopianae was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in the year 2000. You will have the chance to visit this beautiful monument from the ancient times of Christianity and see all the interesting paintings and statues that came from the 4th century. One of the other unique sides of Pécs are the buildings from the Ottoman times. Wonderful mosques and minarets can be found in many areas of the city you will be able to see. The Zsolnay porcelain, one of the most famous porcelains in the world, also comes from Pécs. You will see many beautiful porcelain monuments like the Zsolnay fountain in the main square. One of the very interesting parts of the journey will be visiting the Zsolnay Museum with thousands of beautiful porcelains and architecture. You can also buy some original Zsolnay porcelains in the Museum shop.

The next city of your journey will be the town of Villány, one of the most famous wine lands in the country. Here you can see amazingly beautiful Hungarian landscapes and wine hills. The city of Villány is home to many famous Hungarian wineries that are well known all over the world. Now you will have the chance to taste these wines in the place where they came from. You will have a wine tasting experience you will never forget in this beautiful town, while you are learning about the History and the interesting culture of Hungarian wine making. Try as many wines as you like, and you can even buy a few bottles if you want to take your experience with you.

At the end of this long and adventure filled tour you will be transported back to your hotel in Budapest, or anywhere you want in the city.

The price of the program includes the wine tasting event, visit to the winery, traditional Hungarian cold buffet, private guiding, high class transport with pick-up and drop-off service.