Lake Balaton & Herend Tour with ferry ride

Lake Balaton Tour

Let us take you to an unforgettable, whole day tour, away from the crowd and noise of the big cities and let us show you the largest lake of central Europe. Balaton is the most popular holiday destination among Hungarians because of its special location in the “Balaton-Highlands” and its large cultural and art heritage.

The tour starts from your Hotel in Budapest, from where we will take you to the south side of Lake Balaton, to the city of Szántód. During the trip you will travel by our high class, comfortable vehicles, with your private tour guide to have the perfect excursion. After a short visit in the area we will travel by ferry through the lake to the other side, to Tihany, the most famous city in the Balaton region. On the way you will learn the importance of this lake and see a local’s point of view about the place. You will also find out, why it is called the “Hungarian Sea” and how popular the place really is.

Tihany is a peninsula reaching into the lake, which provides an amazing view to the whole Balaton region. Here, you will visit the most important sights of the city, like the Tihany Abbey, the almost one thousand years old Benedictine monastery. Walk inside the building and enjoy the beauty of its frescoes and wonderful interior! The natural sights of the area are just as beautiful as the artificial ones. Stop for a few minutes to admire the unforgettable views from the shore and take a look into the Balaton Highlands National Park.

The next destination of the full-day trip is Balatonfüred, a city near Tihany, which is one of the most popular holiday locations for locals and tourists as well. Here you will learn about different traditions of the region and the Hungarian way of celebrating a holiday. You will also visit the famous Tagore promenade, and the unique Heart Hospital, built in the 18th century. You will learn about the importance and healing powers of the city’s famous sparkling sources.

The last stop of the tour is Hungary’s greatest manufacture, to the north of Balaton, the city of Herend. Here, you will visit the large and unique Herend Porcelain Manufactory, and discover how the world famous “Herendi” porcelains are being made. Learn about the importance of these products, learn about their history and how difficult they are to make. In the museum shop you can buy some really unique Hungarian souvenir!

At the end of your long day, we take you back back to your hotel in Budapest, or anywhere in the city.