Grand Danube Bend Tour with ferry ride

Danube Bend Tour

Our special Grand Danube Bend tour is the perfect excursion, if you are interested in exploring the most beautiful region close to the country’s capital. With its unique nature, mountains, plants and plant animals, the Danube bend is one of the most beautiful areas of the country. It is a very popular tourist destination and the perfect whole day excursion from the city of Budapest. Our tour starts in the morning, from a location of you choose in the capital and at the end of the trip we will also take you to wherever you want to go in Budapest. Our tour guide will lead you through all the interesting sights along the way and tell you all the information about the culture, history and present life of these regions. Feel free to tell your guide what you would like to know, so they can create the perfect sightseeing experience. You can travel alone, or together with your family in our high class vehicles for the perfect comfortable trip experience.

The tour starts from your Hotel, where you will meet your private guide and transport and begins your whole day adventure. The tour will take you next to the beautiful river Danube, up to the city of Nagymaros, you will see the famous Danube bend, one of the most amazing sights of the country. From Nagymaros you will go by a unique great ferry ride through the bend of the Danube, to the ancient city of Visegrád.

The tour includes visit to three unique coastal cities, all with special, private guided walking trips. You can learn everything you want to know about the region’s great culture and the amazing art heritage.


The first stop of our tour is the historical town of Esztergom. It is one of the oldest towns in the country, it was built in the Middle Ages and was the capital of Hungary from the 10th until the middle of the 13th century. It is the most important Catholic city in Hungary. Esztergom is the seat of the primate of the Roman Catholic Church in the country. The Basilica of Esztergom, the largest cathedral of the country, is also here. Esztergom is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary. While walking through the street of this special town we will visit the beautiful Esztergom Castle on the Castle Hill. The historical building was built in the 10th. The Basilica is next to the Castle on the beautiful St Stephen’s Square with its wonderful frescoes and the altar, which is the largest in the world. The tour will take you inside and around the large cathedral and our guide will tell you everything about this historically so important building. The famous Mária Valéria Bridge is also inside the city and can be seen from next to the Basilica in the amazing view of the Danube Bend. The middle of the bridge is the border between Hungary and Slovakia.


The town of Visegrád is one of the smallest and also the oldest Hungarian city. It has great historical importance because of the town’s great location. Visegrád was established in 1009 and its name is of Slavic origin, meaning high castle. The castle complex goes from the top of the Visegrád Mountain to the bottom of it and its construction lasted from 1246 until 1251. The castle of Visegrád will be our main stop in the city. We will visit the inside and the outside of the upper castle, which is on the top of the mountain and called “Fellegvár” in Hungarian. We will also see the lower castle area with the Royal Palace, which was built later in the 14th century on the shore of the Danube, as a more comfortable living area. The palace was the official residence of the kings of Hungary from the end of the 14th century until around 1405. The palace was mostly destroyed during the Ottoman attacks. The royal residence building was rebuilt and now it is open to the public and holds exhibitions in its renewed historical interiors. During our visit we will also see the unique Solomon Tower in the centre of the castle complex.


From Visegrád our tour will move towards Budapest and stops one last time before arriving back to the capital in the lovely town of Szentendre. The beautiful Szentendre is located northwest from the city of Budapest. It is known for its lively art life, including many different museums, galleries and lots of talented artists who live there. With our tour you can visit the wonderful city centre with many-many shops and restaurants. Walk through the old streets, which are really specific for this town. One of the main focuses of our tour will be the popular Szamos Marzipan Museum and factory along the famous Main Square. We will go through the great shopping street of the city with different souvenirs and town specialities. The city is built on the shore of the Danube, just after the Danube Bend. The bank of the river is one of the most amazing sights in the city. Few minutes from the main streets you can reach the riverside with a perfect view at the beautiful Szentendre Island.

At the end of the tour we will take you back to Budapest, to your Hotel, or anywhere you would like to go in the city.