Essential City Tour

Budapest Downtown

Would you like to get to know Budapest in detail? Our professionally organized tour provides you a broad information of not only the historical background and legends of the city, but also its present situation.

Join us and take part in our 4-hour private tour with a private, high-class vehicle! We make a huge circle in the city and visit every especially relevant sight. Saint Stephen’s Basilica, Parliament, Chain Bride, Castle District, Gellért Hill, Heroes’ Square and also the City Park.

Furthermore, we included three short walks in the tour. We take one around the Saint Stephen’s Basilica, the Castle District, and the Heroes’ Square while your guide tells you all the most important informations regarding the landmarks.

Pick-up and drop-off service is included in  the price.



To top up this informative travel trough history a special event can be added to this program in addition! Choose from these to exciting and unique options:

The Chair-lift of Zugliget:

budapest city tour

The Chair-lift is one of the most interesting attractions in the hills of Buda, travelling between Zugliget and the János Hill. On its way down, the passenger can truly admire the panorama of Budapest while literally feeling like descending from the hill into the city. The upper section of the track hangs trough the forests of the steep hillside, the lower travels above the streets and gardens of the Zugliget Mansion Quarter. The complete length of the track is 1,04 km, the height difference between top and bottom is 262 m, its speed of 4 km/h is slower than the average of Budapest’s escalators.

The Light-railway of Hűvösvölgy: 

budapest city tour

The light-railway, called kids railway is the railway #7 of Budapest, one of the oldest tracks in the whole city. It certainly is one of the most impressing things to see in the II. and XII. districts of the city. The complete railway is operated by children, under the supervision of some adult employees of course. Since its construction until the political change of 1990, it was called the pioneer rail, in relation to the era’s focus on children’s education through labor. The length of the track is 11,2 km with a 235 m height difference between the final stops.

 Take time to check the other possibilities offered inside the city, or even across the countryside!