Balaton Area Tour – Hévíz, Keszthely, Badacsony

Balaton Area Tour

The special Balaton Area Tour is the best option if you are looking for an all around entertainment at a unique location in Hungary.

The program of this well-compiled tour is focused on the so called „Hungarian Sea” Lake Balaton. It is a very popular tourist destination and in conclusion the perfect whole day excursion from the city of Budapest. We start our tour in the morning, from a location you choose in the capital. At the end of the trip we will also take you to wherever you want to go in Budapest. Our tour guide will lead you through all the interesting sights along the way. Most of all, we will tell you all the information about the culture, history and present life of these regions. Feel free to ask your guide what you would like to know. We aim to create the perfect sightseeing experience for your taste. You can travel alone, or together with your family. Our high class vehicles provide the perfect comfortable trip experience.

We start the tour from your Hotel, where you will meet your private guide and transport. The tour will take you west from Budapest, all along the lake Balaton, first of all up to the city of Hévíz. From Hévíz we will continue north, to Keszthely. As we curl back eastwards to Budapest, we continue finally towards Badacsony and make our last stop.

The tour includes visit to three unique coastal cities, all with special, private guided walking trips. As a result, you can learn everything you want to know about the region’s great culture and the amazing heritage.

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Balaton Area TourHévíz:
 At Lake Hévíz a 2 hour bath is included in the program, that ensures relaxation and refreshment for the day. The town of Héviz is located on the northern shore of the Balaton. It is in Mid-Western Hungary, 6-kilometers away from Keszhely. Hills surround the famous town of spas, thus it enjoys a unique Mediterranean microclimate. Therefore, wind-still and sunny days are very common. The Hévíz Lake is a geological curiosity, Europe’s largest thermal lake – a warm water lake situated in a peat-bed. Springs of different temperatures diffuse in a narrow cave. The stream becomes a constant (38,5 °C) temperature when it enters the lake. Beautiful water lilies, brought to Hungary at the end of the 19th century, dot the lake. They also help support the eco-life, because the leaves slow down evaporation. The creepers also protect the medicinal mud on the bottom of the lake.

Keszthely: In our next stop, Keszthely, we will include a thorough historical tour in the famous Festetics Palace. The baroque palace’s construction was started by Kristóf Festetics in 1745. This lasted over a century and as a result today it’s one of the largest country houses in Hungary. The Counts Festetics were really progressive landowners. Kristóf Festetics founded a hospital. Pál Festetics established a school in the town. Later in 1797, Count György Festetics opened an agricultural college, the Georgikon, the first of its kind in Europe. The Georgikon is still in operation as a faculty of the University of Pannonia. The palace’s library wing was built by Count György Festetics in 1799 – 1801. The book collection was made available to students of the Georgikon. The great book collection that remains in the castle is the only extensive aristocratic library that survives in Hungary. Unlike the surrounding area, the palace was not damaged during World War II. The palace also houses and independent museum. The Helikon Palace Museum is open since 1974.

Badacsony: Our last stop of the tour will be in the cozy wine region of Badacsony. Here we included a premium wine tasting event with cold buffet to top up the culinary experience. Due to the proximity of Lake Balaton the Southern slopes receive the sun light reflected from the lake’s surface. The reflection of the sunshine makes that the micro-climate is ideal for grape cultivation. That is what makes the wines produced here unique and inimitable. One might say that the wines of the region have a long reaching history. Romans already cultivated grapes in the area during the era of the empire. The wines from the Badacsony region own a special character. These wines tend to be full bodied, and have a rich taste. Traditional, oak barrel based wine production dominates in the region. The use of reductive techniques is spreading very quickly. Luckily the modern techniques have not yet changed the typical character of the wines from the region.

At the end of the tour we will take you back to Budapest, to your Hotel, or anywhere you would like to go in the city.

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